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My Little Munchkin

Her heart was big
Her smiles plenty
She touched us all
Her friends were many

She loved to sing
Dance and perform
Entertaining us often
Perfecting her form

Such a loving child,
She took care of others
To the younger ones
A little mother

A creative child
And smart as a whip
Typical little girl
She loved to dress hip

Her many antics
Did make us laugh
Posing like a model
For my photographs

My little munchkin
So full of life and laughter
You'll live in our hearts
Forever after

So sweet a child,
So innocent a soul
She s now in heaven
Where she ll never grow old.

Love Always,
Aunt Murielle

An Angel in Our Midst

It's hard to understand
Why you were taken from us,
But heaven called you home.

With teary eyes
We search for you amongst the crowd,
But cannot find you.

Yet, as our mind begins to dream,
You touch our hand and comfort us.
And reassure us that you are at peace.

You embrace us in our sorrow, and console us.
As you whisper of love and happiness,
You give us strength.

Your wings were hidden from view
Throughout your short, precious life.
But are now extended and have taken flight.

If we look closely,
Your small footprints can still be seen.
Left as a memory for us to cherish.

With a hand to our heart,
You are never far away.
Holly, an angel in our midst.

Written by Christy Stonehouse

A Single Red Rose

Holly, today the sky turned a different shade of blue.
When I looked up through the clouds, I saw you.
With your beautiful smile, and laughing eyes.
I knew the stories of Heaven were no lies.

You reached out through the clouds and pulled me in.
You hugged me, just like always.
It was as if nothing had changed,
That this meeting for us had all been arranged.

Hand in hand you guided me through the amazing land,
With the roses royal red and the soft golden sand.
I wanted to stay there with you and never go home,
I wanted to stop feeling empty and alone.

Without a warning our hands separated,
And I knew it was time for me to go.
We fought to hold onto each other,
But we knew it couldn't be so.

As I looked up at you one last time,
You handed me a royal red rose and said it was mine.
I was falling faster, to where I didn't know.
That's when I heard you say, "Mommy, Daddy, I LOVE YOU."

Standing where I started, still looking at the sky,
Everything made sense now, and I knew why,
For when I looked in my hand, I saw a single red rose,

From my daughter's Promised Land.

M. Culver


Did i ever tell you
how much you mean to me
you are an angel
an angel that i see

I stare off in a distance
to only see your face
you're smiling
you're arms i embrace

I will never say goodbye to you
you'll always be around
looking over top of us
keeping us safe and sound

Love Aunt Monica xoxo

Angels Fly

Angels Fly,
Up in the sky,
Smiling thoughtfully as they pass by
Throughout the clouds and up above,
They fly so slowly like a dove
Dresses that glitter and wings that shine
Skin so soft and hair so fine.
As they glide past the rainbows,
Past the sun, and past the moon,
They happily hum a wonderful tune.
Angles are here to help people
Who feel out of place,
So, if you're someone in need of an angel
Then here is the case.
Stop crying and hiding and running away
Just reach to your heart and you will be ok.
I promise you this if to an angel you pray.
Rest In Peace Holly
Your Smile Brighter Then The Stars
And It Will Light Up Our Dreams
And Our Hearts
Forever In Our Memories
Forever In Our Thoughts
Amidst Our Prayers Forever In Our Hearts

A person who didnt know holly:
By Paulo Paiva

Holly Angel

Holly angel, merrily
Walks along the clouds
Whispering words to daddy
That hardly make a sound
But you can hear her laughing
If you look toward the wind
She wants you to be strong, daddy
Strong for her again
For her, she has not gone away
She won’t be beaten down
For everyone that loves her
Carries her round
Holly angel, merrily
Looks to you with pride
She’s proud of you for living
She knows the pain inside
The flowers in your garden
Are a tribute to her grace
When you take their fragrance
You’ll see her smiling face
And Holly angel, merrily
We will belong to you
For the rest of our existence
We promise to be true

With love and faith,
Glynis Taylor


Angel Returning Home

Sweet innocent soul leaving this wonderful playground,
Robbed of the sanctity of virtuous childhood,
Far too young to be deprived of the game of life,
St Peter welcoming you at the Pearly Gates of Heaven,
God smiling... beautiful angel returning to eternal home,
An angel as young as you holding your hand guiding you,
Taking you on a wondrous tour of God's playground,
Angels everywhere playing, singing and laughing,
Extend an exuberant welcome back home

Richard Wlodarski

Welcome little one! Welcome home.

We understand how hurt you must be, to realize how bad some people can be to children. But you'll soon forget them. A lot sooner than they will forget you.

You see, sweetheart, up here We have so many wonderful things to do. Yes, you will have so many playmates, all of them happy and joyful and all of them wanting to meet you!

So you run out and play. Everyone is so happy to see you - see how they're waving and smiling!

No, you needn't worry a bit about your mom, dad and family; My Spirit will comfort and be with them. He will keep a memory of you in their hearts until you see them again.

Here, sweetie, before you run off to play for an eternity or two, let Me give you a hug, okay? There! Now off you go...

Bye bye!

Tony Templeman

Sweet Holly Jones

I shed my tears for Holly today,
I held my head down, for her I did pray.
In my prayer to the lord above,
I made him promise to show her love.
She hopes everyone remembers her favorite song,
And says she knows she where she belongs.
She knows the love of her family,
This love is true,
Try not to worry shes looking down on you.
Up in the clouds, back in Gods hands,
For her he has special plans.
Up there everything is beautiful as also her wings,
It's gorgeous, her voice and the way that she sings.
She is still alive in all of our hearts,
She will always be remembered, she will never part.
As I send my love and condolences to you,
I say, remember your Angel is in Heaven waiting for you.

Michelle Sullivan 17

Her Wonder to Behold

Just 10 short years ago, a child was born of love,
A blessing from our Father sent down from up above.
This little girl was special to all that came to know,
Her special gift of laughter, her wonders to behold.
Even God did not know the extent of the gift he sent
that day.
How this child would bless so many, that all would
drop and pray,
Then God looked down and saw this precious child that
he had sent,
Our lord could not stand by and watch Holly endure any
pain, so
He had no choice but to call her home, He knew
memories would remain.
Now God watches over Holly's family and friends and
looks into their hearts,
He knows the hole that now is there, their hearts are
missing a part.
Then the Lord looks down at Holly, sitting on his
He says, "My child what is it I can send them from
Holly smiles that special smile that only she can
she says, "Father just let them know that with you now
i Live.
Let them know jesus, that I love them just the same,
Let them know that I am happy, and really glad you
Tell Mommy, Daddy,my sisters and brother too,
that everything i heard them say is true up here with
Tell them i will be waiting, I have so much to share,
but that i am really happy, and safe within your
Then Holly steps out into Heavens brilliant light,
and says, "Jesus, they told me I was precious in your
Even Jesus had to laugh, and said now run and play,
and frolic in the knowing they will join you here one
And yes my child, they are right, you are PRECIOUS in
my sight...!!!!!!

by: Shania
On Angels Wings

Riding on angels wings

Is where you find the children sing

Soaring high above the clouds

Trying to overlook our frowns

Playing in the heavens above

Flying around spreading thier love

Passing by to touch our face

Knowing this you feel thier grace

And happiness they still know

Even though it was thier time to go

Back to God from which they came

To be with the grace of his name

So remember when a child dies

On angels wings they ride high

Kevin Bain

Gift from Heaven

Holly was a gift from heaven above
She was conceived from her mother's love
She was blessed with style and grace
You could see it in her pretty little face
She was filled with a spirit pure and true
In her mother's eyes there was nothing she couldn't do
She was innocent, young and free
Beauty the whole world could see
But her life was taken away
On that sad dark day in May
But her life will not be lost in vain
If we can keep another family from feeling this pain
Some good can come out of this though it sounds strange
So in her memory the laws we must change
Your dream was to be famous and sing
Now up in heaven with the Angels you sing

Christopher Lee Fisher

Holly Jones

when God came to take you away.
He brought you to his home on high,
now there is where you'll stay.

It breaks our hearts to know,
no more we'll see your smiling face.
But in his loving arms you'll find,
you're in a better place.

Though many tears will be shed,
and laughter will not rise.
We need only lift our eyes to heaven
to see you in the skies.

You have blessed us,
in oh so many ways.
You gave us love and laughter,
and smiles to fill our days.

You always shone so brightly,
as a star up in the sky.
God has a new angel now,
and we've lost you and its hard to say goodbye.

So now let us look to God,
to cleanse away our pain.
Just as he washes the earth,
with each and every rain.

So now we'll look for you in the rainbows,
till its our time to stand at that door.
To meet you and GOD in heaven,
and we can be together once more.

Dedicated in Loving Memory
of Holly Jones.

written by:
James Gale Henry

Have You Ever Near

It seems that not so long ago,
I held you oh so close.
You were always so thoughtful,
you always gave your most.
But every time I see your face,
the tears begin to fall.
Because you my daughter, cut down so young,
for no reason, it seems at all.
The echoes of your laughter,
still linger in our home,
But it seems your Dad and me,
now feel so all alone.
I want to hold you once, again,
but your not really here.
I will never see your beautiful smile
Or have you ever near


Families Angel were your family's little angel,
and their superstar
Now you are heaven's new angel,
you can now fly.

Fly high above the clouds,
you have climbed the highest mountain,
and can now see over the highest peak
how beautiful your view must be,
you are now that superstar that you longed to be..


Rainy Skies of May (lluvios dias en Mayo)

you're told to remember...
never walk home late at night alone
you're taught to remember...
not to give out information on the phone
it's good to be with friends you trust
and family...
well, that's a must
and never talk to strangers
that's the advice we'd like to give

but there are sharks in every water
and predators abound
and it's hard to grasp any sense of things
when there's madness all around
but a day after Mother's Day
an Angel was taken away

in the rainy skies of May

me hijo tene mi mano
todos esta bien aya
eso, la casa de mi padre
todos esta bien venga la

we can still feel the presence
in every written word and essence
in every child we see
out walking home alone
so keep an eye out for each other
each and every other
try and sense some reason
and try to keep the sharks at bay

in the rainy skies of May

me hijo tene mi mano
todoes esta bien aya
eso, la casa de mi padre
todoes esta bien venga la

Peter Hagen


There's not alot to remember,
though your birthday in september.
I know you still sing,
to the mighty king.
You never had a fear,
but sometimes had tears.

You don't want us to be sad,
you must think we're mad.
We're treasuring your life,
every morning, noon, and night.
Its hard to forget you,
Will you forget us one day too?

Do you see us crying?
Or are you just sighing?
When we look above,
do you send your love?
Do you want to go back on earth?
Right to your very birth?

We wish we knew what to do?
too love you again too?
But when you watch us below,
do you want to say hello?
Are you done with us?
Or is it God that we need to trust?

I love you Holly,
Someday We'll know

Someday we'll know why it was done,
You will have no more fun.
Someday we'll know if you loved us?
Were we someone you could trust?
Someday we'll know if God was with you?
That night were you thinking of him too?

The day before,
I would be their at your door.
To hug and to hold,
I wish I was told.
If I only knew,
Then I would be with you.
I would never leave your side,
Until I knew you were safe,
That horrible man is a disgrace.

Someday we'll know what you know right now,
When you went to God just to bow.
Someday we'll know if you are ok?/
And how you're feeling and if you want to stay?
Someday we'll know when its our time?
We'll you be their standing by my side?

We remember the times you were on earth,
we wish we new you when you were at birth
we see pictures of you almost everyday
and wounder why you went away?
Even though you won't grow old,
Not having any kids so they can be told.

Someday we'll know what your life would have been,
What you would have seen?
Someday we'll know If love can move a mountain,
Someday we'll know why the sky is blue?


Cailin O'Rourke & Kealeagh Brewer

God bless you little angel

I just cannot imagine
what went though their minds
the parents went ballistic
when their child they could not find

what kind of monster
could live every day
knowing they killed a small child
and took their innocence away

if our tears we shed for Holly
would make the hatred go away
then our world would be so much better
the children would be safe to play

God I know you 're listening
in the heavens high above
please protect that small child
that child with whom we fell in love

Holly, everytime we hear the wind
it's your laughter we hear
we'll put our hands upon our hearts
and we know that you are near.

God bless you little angel
Anna Wood


I know,you know just how I feel
The pain inside,so deep
I think about you everyday
Cherished memories,I'll keep

The other day I had a dream of you
It was so real,you were here
I will always be with you sweetie
Every moment,everywhere!!!

Lots of love forever & always

Aunt Monica xo

Everytime i think of you

Everytime i think of you
my heart just bursts with sadness
Everytime i think of all the times we had
it makes me sad that things like that will
never happen again. Every time i think about you
i wonder WHY Why did God take you away
why did you leave why did you
have to go to a better
place at such a young age
was it really your time to go at only
ten years old.

couldn't you have stayed.
why did you have to go go away
Everytime i think about all the times we had
i think i have to treasure these everything i can
remember all the good times that we had, remember all the songs we sang and everything we thought
Everytime i think of you i think it is so unfair why someone took your life away without even a care.

i treasure all the memorys every thing
we did wil they all fade away into nothing


Where there is grief
Let there be shelter from grief
Where there is mourning
Let there be quiet consolation
Where there is weariness of spirit
Let the goodness of the innocent
Light the way to us all
Who still dwell in darkness
And let the bright and morning star
Sing unto the foundations of the Earth

You dwell now
On the other side of knowledge
O, bright and morning star
One cannot gaze upon mystery's face .
The attempt brings only spent eyes
Bled weak by the false effort of years
I breath in the unseen pillars
That raise up and support the skies

You are strong

John from Berlin

Heavens Doors

You know we miss you now that you're gone,
To a greater place that's far beyond.
Our expectations ever dreamed of,
The heavenly home we haven't seen of.
All the beauty and the elegance,
Where your worries cease to dwell against.
And the tranquility you lived for,
Once you enter heaven's doors.

You know we love you, know we care,
Hope you've found happiness up there.
If we could see you one last time,
Our last good-bye would ease our minds.
And you would know just what you meant,
How we all cried the day you went.
Only you could know what is in store,
Once you enter heaven's doors.

Your happiness means much to us,
As does our faith, belief and trust.
In that you'll prosper high above,
The rest of us in the power of.
God's great world that shelters ours,
Where angels linger every hour.
Where a list of perished you endorse,
Once you enter heaven's doors.

When we all watch the sky above,
We'll send from us, for you, our love.
And pray each night that you are pleased,
You've found your place, at last, at ease.
We'll scrutinize the sky for light,
Where we will see you shining bright.
So live your life forever more,
Now that you've entered heavens doors.

Cindy Carpenter

Heaven Above

God today as you are listening in heaven above,
Would you go and find my girl and give her all my love,
Holly girl if i could turn back time and once more hear your voice,
I'd tell you out of all of my friends your my #1 choice,
Please always know i love you and no one can take that place,
Years may come and go but your memory will never be erased,
As i sit here and think about you i get a tear filled eye,
But its okay because that fateful day another angel filled the sky.

-Sasha Miller

An Angel Has Been Born

I can't imagine how you feel
How a child could leave this way
This pain I feel so deep inside
Yet so much love will always stay
And in your heart she's touching you
To let you know she's ok
And I hope and I pray
And I know that today
This love is really here to stay
So much trouble so much war
So much peace for ever more
Down with evil up with grace
Lift a smile on every face
And in your heart she's touching you
To let you know she's ok
And I hope and I pray
And I know that today
This love is really here to stay
For an angel has been born
Yes an angel has been born
To fill this world with so much love
To fill this world with so much love

Art Davieau

Where Are You

where are you
are you that far away
will i ever see you
or are you to far away
if i try to reach
will you be out of my grasp
or will i reach you
and you will come back to us
but when ever i reach
you allways stay away
or are you trying to reach back
and im to far away
why dont you come back
dont you want to stay
we all miss you Holly
dont try and run away
where are you are you
ican not see you
i try to reach up
your to far away
do you just turn aaway
or are you reaching to
and were just to far
just out of your reach.

i love you Holly

Hallelujah (Holly's song)

when you wake alone
love is there
it's easy to forget sometimes
just remember this

the sun will glow
the seeds will grow
the moon will rise
into the night

where you walk alone
love is there
it's easy to believe
if you just remember this

the sun will glow
the seeds will grow
the moon will rise
and while you sleep
the evil of the darkest day
will pass away

in the trying times
love is here
put your faith in mine

and the sun will glow
the seeds will grow
the moon will rise
and while you sleep
the evil of the darkest day
will pass away
and so shall thee
so shall it be


James Andrews

For Holly

I can't find the words that would best describe
The way I felt learning about how you died
Your innocence taken and exploited by lust
What kind of a man would betray a child's trust?

As I feel the tears of future dreams shattered
Today, your precious life is all that matters
I can't help but think of all that you'll miss
Some would be happy with just one last kiss

Please forgive me Holly if I still wonder
What life has in store for all who ponder?
What would it be like if you where still here
Gracing our every moment, year after year

The love we all share for a young girl so special
Has touched our hearts and made us remember
That sharing in life, even one that was lost
Should be cherished forever no matter the cost

The time you spent with the ones who mattered
That's what's important now, there emotions shattered
They find strength in what you meant to them
Your star so bright, gods precious child, amen

Colin Forrester

4 Holly Jones

An empty shell with
Much potential to develop
Into a healthy being…
Yet tragically taken with
Only 11 years to spare.
Countless tears are shed
Knowing that only your
Spirit is left.
I lost two sistaz, one
So young and other at birth
To the family I know
It's not the same
But I pray, that this
Type of demon never
Reveal his ugly face again

BY: Solomon Osei-Amanfi (aka Da Don Stacy)

All Alone

Childless mothers
Holly, Cecilia, and all the others
Missing, murdered, never coming home
All the childless mothers
All alone

Thought their kids would grow up
Have children of their own
It’s so dark in some men’s souls
Why does evil have free roam

Childless mothers… all alone

I recently had a little boy
Can’t bear to think what’s ahead for him
What he’ll see I’m sure we can’t fathom
Just had a son….
And I fear for him.

Childless mothers
How can this be
Dear God I pray … It’s never me

Cathie Appelman, Christmas 2004


Holly Jones was only ten when she was taken.
The city of Toronto cried.
A beautiful, energetic, beloved child,
Holly’s body was soon found after.
A vicious monster robbed her and everyone who loved her of
A precious
And special blessing.
Holly’s house and school became
Shrines – by strangers, family and friends.
Anger and sadness were the results of
Holly’s murder, but as well the outpouring
Of love and support.
Toronto will never forget about Holly Jones.
Thinking of her and what she must
Have endured, makes our hearts heavy.
The world is filled with dark forces
But good forces exist too.
Holly’s brief life is proof
That goodness exists.
As the years pass, we will remember Holly.

Shelagh Grove


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