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Holly Jones 1992 - 2003

The youngest in a family of 4, Holly Jones made her grand entrance on September 14, 1992. To greet her were her loving parents George and Maria and her older siblings, Shauna, Natasha and James.

October 31 1996- Halloween

This was a special Halloween for Holly. She didn't go as a witch, an angel or any other popular costume. She went as a rock star! (see the photo album) She wore the costume with pride and joy. From that day on I always knew what she wanted to be and what profession would fit her best. From that day on Holly always walked around the house singing and dancing. Holly and her best friend had big plans for each( other. They always spoke of how they couldn't wait till they grew older so they could live together and become famous superstars! Together they used to make up and write songs and poems that were sad, funny, happy and for ones so young, really, really unusual.

Her Favorite foods

Holly was one of those children that didn't want to try anything new and only loved her moms home cooking. When it came to eating food, if it wasn't made by my mom or by McDonalds it was really hard for people to get her to try it, never mind eat it. She went through one period of her life that she loved, and almost only ate, white bread and butter. She liked vegetables and loved junk food. Everyone could see that Holly was following in her mothers footsteps. She would always try to cut back on her junk food consumption to help her mother when she was on a diet, and always work out with her to give her motivation. Holly's lunch for school was always ham and cheese, or cream cheese and bread.

Favorite Music

Music was very important to Holly and her family encouraged her talent by enrolling her in singing lessons at the local community centre her mom worked at. Destiny's child was one of Holly's favorite groups but she also enjoyed popular pop music by Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carrey and Bow Wow. The song that stands out the most for us is "My Heart Will Go On" by, Celine Dion. This is the one song Holly admired so much that she always trying to perfect her own voice to match Celine's vocal range. As most little girls do, she loved to listen to the radio station, she was always attempting to call in to Kiss 92, a local radio station, be on the air and say something goofy.

Favorite Sports

Holly was always well rounded. She had good grades, a great personality and was involved in sports. Before her death she was doing cross country and I remember her coming home tired and hungry. She always loved basketball over all other sports. Holly was trying to follow in her sister's footsteps when it came to sports, always asking her to teach her (Holly) how to play better. Holly was always watching and playing with her for hours at work, the park, or in the yard.

Holly's Dreams/ Thoughts/Loves and Hopes

  • To become a famous singer, word renowned superstar Holly Jones
  • To start her own rock band with her friends, the bands name was to be 'The Evil Angels'
  • To travel around the world and see everything
  • To climb mountains and explore the world
  • She loved animals so much that they didn't love her, they were in danger of being loved to death by being squeezed too hard
  • Holly enjoyed playing dress up and pretend. She had a terrific imagination and particularly enjoyed playing at being a famous celebrity during a T.V. interview
  • Holly was courageous, brave, confident, an adventurer in the making.
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